ASO Goes Electric with EarthQuaker Devices

ASO Goes Electric with EarthQuaker Devices

The Akron Symphony Orchestra is excited to announce the debut of a new podcast channel, Symphosium, which will focus on all things related to classical music.

The first podcast episode, entitled ASO Goes Electric: Sam Petrey, is part of our collaboration with Akron-based EarthQuaker Devices where ASO musicians visited EarthQuaker’s studio to be recorded performing with a variety of effects pedals.

The series includes Sam’s video, which you can view on EarthQuaker’s YouTube page and an interview with Sam about the experience on our Symphosium channel, which is available on:

Here is how EarthQuaker describes Sam’s performance in their writeup:

“Most of you might not immediately associate stomp boxes with symphonic instruments. We say: WHY NOT? It is our pleasure to combine forces with the mighty Akron Symphony Orchestra to bring you ASO Goes Electric. Kicking off this series is violinist Sam Petrey with sinister renditions of Allemande from D minor Partita no. 2 and Perpetuum Mobile.

“Afterneath and Arpanoid provide a deep atmosphere that most mortals can’t handle, and when he engages the boost on Palisades – watch out! Watch out means crank your stereo btw. We told you Arpanoid doesn’t have to be all crazy… see? If these classic EarthQuaker pedals can be appropriate and fun for this situation, just think of the possibilities. Remember: before “shredding”, there was this!”

Upcoming episodes in the ASO Goes Electric series include violinist Kimia Ghaderi on April 19 and bass player Brian Del Bianco on May 3.

Symphosium is a podcast about all things classical music produced by the Akron Symphony Orchestra. Hosted by Director of Marketing Thomas Moore, the podcast features interviews with musicians, guest artists, authors and newsmakers in the field of classical music.

All three performances in the series were recorded and mixed by Jeff France, production manager, and shot and edited by Chris Tran, videographer, at EarthQuaker Studios in Akron. Learn more about EarthQuaker on their website.