Tommy Tallarico to lead Video Games Live performance - Akron Symphony Orchestra

Tommy Tallarico to lead Video Games Live performance

October 2, 2017

Tommy Tallarico to lead Video Games Live performance

As one of the most successful video game composers in history, Tommy Tallarico has helped revolutionize the gaming world, creating unique audio landscapes that enhance the video gaming experience.

Tommy is considered the person most instrumental in changing the game industry to real music that is appreciated worldwide by tens of millions of fans. As an on-air television personality, live performer and composer, Tommy brings his in-depth knowledge, years of experience, and love of cutting-edge multimedia and video games to the masses. Tommy has worked in the gaming industry as a designer, product manager, producer, writer, and games tester, as the head of both music and video departments.

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In 2002, Tallarico created the critically acclaimed Video Games Live, an immersive, audio and video concert experience celebrating video games. Video Games Live features music from the greatest video games performed by top orchestras and choirs around the world combined with synchronized video footage, lasers, lights, special effects, interactivity and live action to create an explosive and unique one-of-a-kind entertainment experience.

“My dream when I started working on Video Games Live was to demonstrate how artistic and culturally significant video games have become,” he said. “Aside from opening the eyes of non-gamers to the industry, my goal is to help usher in a whole new generation of people to appreciate symphonic music.”

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Video Games Live is the first and most successful video game touring concert in the world, having performed more than 250 shows in 25 countries on five continents.

An accomplished musician, Tommy has been writing music for video games for more than 23 years, winning more than 50 industry awards and working on more than 300 game titles; to date they total sales of more than 100 million units and over $4 billion in revenue.

At the 2012 Game Developers Conference he received a Lifetime Achievement Award, and is also in the Smithsonian Institute in Washington, D.C., for his contributions to the game industry. In 1994, he founded Tommy Tallarico Studios, ‘the multimedia industry’s largest audio production house.