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About the Akron Symphony Orchestra

The Akron Symphony enriches the lives of audiences, musicians, and our community through exceptional symphonic music, and meaningful, collaborative and educational programming that welcomes, connects, and engages a broad and diverse regional community.

Administrative Staff

Paul Jarrett

Executive Director

Fran Goldman

Director of Artistic Operations

Sharon Smith

Ticket Services Manager

Jerome Miskell

Personnel Manager

Lori Conant

Finance Controller

Thomas Moore

Director of Marketing

Brenda L. Justice

Administrative Assistant & Coordinator of Choral Programs

Cory Smith

Orchestra Librarian

Orzella B. Matherson

Education & Community Engagement Coordinator

Kimia Ghaderi

Development Manager

Board of Trustees

Executive Officers

Kathryn Booth, President
Tom Crookes, Executive Vice President
Jeana Singleton, Secretary
William Nolan, Treasurer
Kathryn Booth, Artistic Advisory Chair
Todd Rosenberg, Development Chair
Theresa Petit-Lerner, Education Chair
William Nolan, Finance Chair
Tracy Dowe, Governance Chair
Alex Quay, Marketing Chair
Tom Crookes, Strategic Planning Chair
Jill Bacon Madden, Member-At-Large
Renée Pipitone, Member-At-Large
Julie Robbins, Member-At-Large
Eda Valentin, Member-At-Large
Karen Schreckengost, Akron Symphony Guild President
Rob Kistler, Orchestra Committee Chair
Michael J. Pasternak, GAMA Immediate Past President
Christopher Wilkins, Music Director
Paul Jarrett, Executive Director


Laura Beth Arnott +
Hilary Ayers-Kurtz
Jill Bacon Madden
Sandra Becker-Neidert
Kathryn Booth
Michael R. Coudriet
Tom Crookes
Johnnette S. Curry
Gary Davis
Tracy Dowe
Lia Evans-Jones
Robert Frutchey
Bethany Gonzalez
Dorothy Hansen
Kevin Heraghty
Thomas Hite
Ryan Iammarino
Jerry Irby
Quinnie Lane
Andrew Leask
Georgia Nix Miller

Chuck Myricks Jr.
Pat Nilsestuen
William Nolan
Bryon Palitto
Theresa Petit-Lerner
Lucia M. Pileggi
Renée Pipitone
Antha Poleondakis
Alex Quay
Kurt Reed
Julie Robbins
Todd J. Rosenberg
Karen Schreckengost++
Jeana M. Singleton
Erica Snowden-Rodriguez+++
Dr. Ann Usher
Eda Valentin
EJ Watson
Julie Weagraff
Stephanie York
Donna Zabel
Andrew Zeigler

Trustee Emeriti

Norman P. Auburn, Ph.D. *
Robert S. Crawford *
J. Ralph Gillman *
Sue Jeppesen Gillman
Mabel Lamborn Graham *
Jane Kaufman *
Edward J. Metzger
Bruce F. Rothmann, M.D. *

Trustee of Note

Olive Cairns *
William & Margaret Denton *
Dorothy Gaylord *
Ida Grotz *
Joseph S. Lichty, M.D. *
Gerald McFadden*
Lola M. Rothmann*
Dorothy Seeger *
Irene Shadley *
Charles K. Sorkin *
Mary Louise Stewart *
Helen M. Vawter

GAMA Foundation Board of Trustees

Tom Clark, Chair
Susan Burnoski
William Dowling
Bruce Fahey
Richard Harris
Melissa Johnson
Charlie Peter
Dave Scarponi
Donna Valentine

Board Alumni Council

Dr. Linda B. Angotti
Patricia M. Albrecht Bracey
Dr. Todd Beyer
Lisa Chapman-Smith
Thomas Clark
Robert L. Culp Jr.
R. Fred Damerow
Richard Dee
Bruce Fahey
Jerilynn Ferguson
Sandra Fishel

Laura Lee Garfinkel
Diana Gayer
DuWayne Hansen
Dr. Sandra Hazra, M.D.
Robert L. Hunt Sr.
Mary Ann Jackson
Mary Beth Kluge
Jessica Korkosz Korzhiletskiy
Orlene K. Makinson
Diana D. Maurer
William N. Melver

Jo Ann Oelschlager
Michael J. Pasternak
Guy Pipitone
Ernest E. Pouttu
Terri L. Nass Reeder
Charles J. Reitz III
George Rosin
Dr. Walter Ruf
David Scarponi
André Thornton Jr.
Theresse Wade
James E. Zwisler

+ chorus co-representative
++ guild representative
+++orchestra representative

Employment Opportunities

There are no openings at this time.

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