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Akron Symphony Auditions


The Akron Symphony Orchestra and Music Director Christopher Wilkins will resume auditions in the fall of 2022 and further information will be available at that time on this web page.

Audition Dates

Auditions are normally held during the month of September.


The base compensation rate will be $114.21 per service for the 2022-23 season. 

Minimum Service Requirements

Contract musicians are required to play a minimum of 4 classics concerts and 1 pops/gospel concert. 

Repertoire Lists

Repertoire lists will be available in August 2022.


All applicants are required to demonstrate either U.S. Citizenship or a legal eligibility to accept employment with ASO.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I schedule my audition appointment thorough the Personnel Manager?

A: No. The sign-up list is managed by the staff at the Akron Symphony Office.

Q: Can I choose my audition time?

A: No. Auditions are scheduled late to early. If you prefer an earlier time you should wait to schedule your appointment.

Q: Are there multiple rounds?

A: Yes. Unless you are auditioning for the sub list only, you should plan to remain or return for final rounds.

Q: What if I am not available on the advertised audition date. Can I schedule an individual appointment at another time?

A: No. Our collective bargaining agreement requires the symphony to convene and compensate an audition committee. It is too costly and time-intensive to organize private auditions.

Q: Can I audition for the sub list only?

A: All candidates will be considered for the sub list, though you must attend the appropriate audition as the committees are constructed from the instrumental area we are auditioning.

Q: My instrument is not being auditioned. How can I schedule a substitute audition?

A: We can only accept your résumé and send it to the section principal.

Q: Do I need to supply a résumé?

A: Yes. Please plan to send one with your appointment request when we resume auditions.

Q: Will you supply excerpt music at the audition?

A: Yes, though feel free to use your own.

Q: If I win a position do I have to join the union?

A: As per our contract, all ASO contract musicians must join Akron Federation of Musicians Local 24. Other questions regarding union membership can be answered by Gary Davis, Secretary-Treasurer of local 24 at info@akronmusicians.org.

Q: If I take work as a substitute musician with the Akron Symphony Orchestra am I required to join Akron Federation of Musicians Local 24?

A: Not at first. You may play 16 services with the orchestra before you are required to join the union. Other questions regarding union membership can be answered by Gary Davis, Secretary-Treasurer of Local 24 at info@akronmusicians.org.

Please address all other questions to Jerry Miskell, Personnel Manager, via email at miskeljp@mountunion.edu.