Memorials & Tributes

Memorials & Tributes

GAMA accepts gifts in memory of individuals and in honor of a special person or event.

When making your gift, please indicate in whose memory you wish to leave a gift or who you wish to honor. We will send notification of your gift to the family or honoree (gift amount will not be disclosed). Their name will appear in our concert program book for one year when a donation of $25.00 or more is made.

In Tribute

These people have been honored in the last 12 months with contributions made in their names to the Akron Symphony Tribute Fund.

In honor of John Mogen from Alex and Emily Mogen
In honor of Donna Valentine by John Wilkinson
In honor of Lola Rothmann on her 95th birthday, by her daughters, Beth, Pam and Susan
In honor of Orlene Makinson, by Mr. & Mrs. Roger Nelson

In Remembrance

The Greater Akron Musical Association honors the memory of these individuals who passed away during the last year. The outstanding participation, service and support they provided have enhanced the life of our organization, and we are grateful to them for their contributions.

Mr. Ronald C. Allan
Mrs. Barbara L. Clark
Mrs. Bonnie Damerow
Mr. Jason Davis
Mr. William Eaton
Wanda Laura Fair
Dr. Derry Fishel
Mrs. Kate Lieberth Lytton
Mr. Gerald “Jerry” McFadden

To make a memorial or tribute gift, contact Executive Director Paul Jarrett at 330.535.8131 or donate online.

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