Akron Symphony Chorus

About the Chorus

At nearly 100 members, the Akron Symphony Chorus is dedicated to achieving the highest level of choral singing. Its volunteer singers represent all walks of life from our Akron community and surrounding areas. The Chorus is an indispensable part of the Akron Symphony Orchestra, and along with the Orchestra and the Akron Youth Symphony, functions as part of the Greater Akron Musical Association.

The Akron Symphony Choral Society, as it was first known, began rehearsals in the fall of 1956. The first performance was the Brahms German Requiem on April 17, 1957, under the direction of Robert Shaw. In the years to follow, the renamed Akron Symphony Chorus performed much of the major choral repertoire of the last six centuries, as well as several regional first performances and world premieres. Highlights have included Honegger’s Joan of Arc at the Stake featuring world famous actress and dancer Vera Zorina, and in recent years, the Mozart Coronation Mass with guest conductor Jeannette Sorrell, Handel’s Messiah directed by James Mismas, and an all Brahms program conducted by Grammy and Emmy award-winning guest conductor Vance George, retired choral director of the San Francisco Symphony Chorus. In 2007, the chorus performed Verdi’s La Traviata, conducted by Christopher Wilkins.

Vocal Placements

The Akron Symphony Chorus will hold vocal placements for the 2019-20 season from August 11 through August 14. Vocal placements are by appointment only.

Placements will take place each day from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. at Faith Lutheran Church, located at 2726 West Market Street in Akron.

Vocal placements will consist of:

  • A brief vocalize/range check
  • Singing an excerpt from the Fauré Requiem (excerpt will be provided when you schedule your vocal placement)
  • A brief conversation

The excerpts are (click to download):

For further information, or to schedule a vocal placement, please contact Brenda Justice, Coordinator of Choral Programs at 330.535.8131 or by email at bjustice@akronsymphony.org.

Chorus performances for the 2019-20 season include Symphonic Shakespeare on October 19, Home for the Holidays on December 13, the Mozart Requiem on February 22, and a standalone concert.

Free professional development credit is available for members of the chorus who are also teachers.

Chris Albanese is director of the Akron Symphony Chorus, while Karen Ní Bhroin serves as assistant director.

Akron Symphony Chorus 2018-19


  • Laura Beth Arnott
  • Michelle Ayers
  • Ann Barni
  • Maryann Beman-Nething
  • Michelle Bisconti
  • Elizabeth Brumbaugh
  • Ellie Camerato
  • Julie Carlson
  • Karla Cummins
  • Hannah Good
  • Susan Holbrook
  • Dawn Horner
  • Joan G. Houger
  • Nancy Irby
  • Brenda L. Justice
  • Ellie Kleber
  • Louisa Kreider
  • Lisa Lazar
  • Hannah Lebo
  • Rebecca Lieb
  • Christine Makosky
  • Megan Meyer
  • Linda Norton-Smith
  • Rachel O’Connell
  • Christina Ozarchuk
  • Mary Ellen Porcella
  • Kylie Roman
  • Allie Scarr
  • Mary Anne Schmidt
  • Judith Schwager
  • Jane L. Schweitzer
  • Megan Snyder
  • Ashley Stanten
  • Christina Worcester

  • Debbie Amundsen
  • Martha E. Banks
  • Barbara Bock
  • Karen Dick
  • Lisa Donatelli
  • Sarah Dush
  • Natalie Gilbert
  • Karen Gracy
  • Janet Harrah Grafton
  • Theresia Hartz
  • Peggy Hogan
  • Beth Illes-Johnson
  • Lindsay Kean
  • Caroline Kozsey
  • Lindy Lincicome
  • Deborah Marine
  • Amy Greenberg McCormick
  • Diane Reitz
  • Kathy Schaefer
  • Cindy Spenoso
  • Penny Thompson
  • Sylvia Thompson
  • Michelle Wagner
  • Debra Walton
  • Rae Welker
  • Barbara Winberg
  • Anita S. Young

  • Matt Austerklein
  • Tim Borham
  • Michael Bell
  • Craig Herrington
  • George Gaiser
  • Sam Garner
  • Sean Gilbow
  • Arne Hosbach
  • Daniel Lebo
  • Steve Lord
  • Frederick M. Shepperd
  • William Smith
  • Fan Yang
  • Michael Yeager

  • John T. Burkley
  • Leigh Conti
  • Eugene Fubler
  • Joseph A. Gardner
  • Christopher Godard
  • Tom Hohmann
  • Steve Hogan
  • Jack Jennemann
  • Ken Linscott
  • Joseph Palmiero
  • Henry J. Payden Jr.
  • Bob Peyak
  • Kurt Spenoso
  • Greg Taylor
  • Richard Weber

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