Annual Fund

As a not-for-profit IRS Section 501(c)(3) organization, ASO/GAMA is committed to providing the highest quality experience at a reasonable rate. Because ticket revenue does not cover all our operating costs, Akron Symphony Orchestra depends on unrestricted Annual Fund contributions to help close the gap between the income generated by ticket sales and the true cost of performing our concerts and presenting a wide array of education outreach programs.

There are three convenient ways to make your Annual Fund donation:

Contributing to the Annual Fund enables you to provide ongoing support to the Greater Akron Musical Association and the Akron Symphony Orchestra year after year. Gifts at every level are appreciated.

  • Donors that give $200 or more receive recognition in our My Symphony magazine and program guide.
  • Donors that give $1,500 or more receive invitations to post-concert patron receptions.
  • Sponsorship benefits begin at the $2,500 level.

If you have questions about your giving options, contact the Symphony office at 330.535.8131.


The Akron Symphony Orchestra gratefully acknowledges the following donors who have contributed $150 or more to our Annual Fund. Each and every gift to our Annual Fund supports the Akron Symphony Orchestra, Akron Youth Symphony, Akron Youth Philharmonic, Akron Symphony Chorus, Gospel Meets Symphony, and education and outreach programming.

To join this group of music lovers and community leaders, please contact Development Manager Kimia Ghaderi by phone at 330.535.8131 or by email at

This list recognizes donors whose gifts were received between February 25, 2018, and February 25, 2019.


Akron Symphony Guild
Michael and Julia Pasternak

ORCHESTRA CIRCLE ($3,000 – $5,999)

Kathryn Booth
Thomas and Karen Clark
Dr. Michael F. d’Amico* and Dr. Patricia Mullen
Bonnie* and Fred Damerow
Sue Jeppesen Gillman
Howard Greene
Ed Kissel
Mary Beth Kluge
Mark and Theresa Lerner
Dan and Lorraine Nelson
Herb and Dianne Newman
Jo Ann Oelschlager
Janeth K. Pifer
Ernie and Mary Kay Pouttu
James and Julie Pulk
Cynthia Reynolds, Ph.D.
The Scarponi Family
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Schooley
Darwin Steele
James and Linda Venner

BENEFACTOR’S CIRCLE ($10,000 – $19,999)

David* and Ann Brennan
DuWayne and Dorothy Hansen
Don and Cindy Misheff
Charles and Therese Peter
Guy and Renée Pipitone
Maestro Christopher Wilkins

MAESTRO’S CIRCLE ($1,500 – $2,999)

Roland and Mary Bauer
Louis and Susan Burnoski
Tom Crookes
Bruce and Elizabeth Fahey
Richard L. Farkas Family
Mr. and Mrs. Rob Frutchey
Frances Goldman
Dr. and Mrs. Tom Jackson
Stan and Roberta Marks
Hub and Mary Marg Marquis
Gerald McFadden*
Lucia Pileggi
Mr. and Mrs. Ernie Puskas Jr.
Roger Read
Patrick Reilly
Rick and Alita Rogers
Todd and Diane Rosenberg
June Tan
Carol Vandenberg
Jane Weingart
Dr. Harold White

SONATA ($200 – $599)

Dr. and Mrs. D.P. Agamanolis
Karen and John Bader
Dr. and Mrs. William Bauman
Becky Benz
John Blickle
Debbie Bock
Timothy Boger
Margarete Boschert
Winnie Brown
Karen and Len Budd
Linda Bunyan
Larry Burns
Marilyn Carr
Dr. Sally Childs
Cynthia Maglione Coleman
Steve and Jane Comunale
Elizabeth Davis
Tracy Dowe
Mr. and Mrs. William Dowling
Harvey Finkel
Bob and Georgine Finlay
Judith Grillo
Kimberly Flett
Phil Foster
Suzanne Frutchey
Jean Gadd
Dr. and Mrs. Robert Gaebel
Joseph and Wendy Turrell Gains
Robert and Sharon Gandee
Suzanne Gibson
Dr. Gayle Galan and Mr. Karl A. Reuther
Mrs. Toby Gorant
Joanne Green
Dr. and Mrs. William Guegold
Martha Hancock
Gary and Marcy Hansel
Robert and Marilyn Hansen
Richard Harris
Michael T. Hayes
Jim and Mary Heinlein
Allan and Roseanne Henderson
Jay Hershey
Loren Hoch
Linda Hoffmann
Arnold Hosbach
Dr. and Mrs. Herbert Hurd
Jerry and Nancy Irby
Charles Johnson
Karen Karis
Art and Sarah Kaufman
Joseph and Ingrid Kennedy
Jessica and Stan Korzhiletskiy
Ray Labuda and Susan Hoyt
Meg and Tom Lamb
Susan Lax
Kathleen Leigh
Mr. and Mrs. James Little
David Lockshin
James E. and Carolyn E. Mackey
Brian Macko
Joan E. Marsh
John and Meg Matejkovic
John McKenzie
John and Margaret McBride
Jim and Peggy McClusky
Francis Mencl
Zenon* and Natalie Miahky
Robert and Maribeth Modney
Charles and Laura Monroe
Sophia S. Morton
Sarah and Forrest Norman
Ingrid Palmiero-Massel
Anthony and Susan Paparella
Edward and Susan Peirce
Kenneth Preston
William and Rebecca Quinn
F. Benjamin Riek III
Scott and Holly Rigby
Robert Rohr
Mr. and Mrs. John Rohrer
Gloria Rule
Anne M. Schellin
Joan Schoenheit
Dr. Richard Schwartz
Jane Schweitzer
Richard Shirey
Joel and Betty Siegfried
Mr. and Mrs. Richey Smith
Sam and Sandy Smith
Frederick and Elizabeth Specht
Karl Starks
Dan Steurer
Diana Stewart and Mo Darwish
Drs. Kimberly Stewart and James Bates
Dr. Jerry Sude
Shomola Tambyraja
Gregory and Laurelynn Taylor
Bert and Sally Thomas
Anne Tolbert
Marie Tuccillo
Wes and Linda Van Fossen
Ray and Helen Vawter
Lavonne Voelz
Harvey and Linda Wagner
Thomas Wainwright
Richard and Beverly Waltz
Clayton Weitzel
Herbert and Angela Wilkins
LaVerne Yousey

FOUNDER’S CIRCLE ($6,000 – $9,999)

Orlene Makinson

CONCERTO ($600 – $1,499)

Mary E. Shirk Bevan Legacy Fund
Lydia Bozeman
Frederica Cohen
William and Rebecca Considine
Mike and Debi Coudriet
Robert and Laura Culp
Harloe Cutler
Richard and Renee Anthony Dee
Elizabeth K. Eastman
Drs. Sandra and Derry* Fishel
Dr. and Mrs. Robert Hamor
Cynthia Knight
Mr. and Mrs. John Vander Kooi
Tom and Shelley Koutnik
James and Maureen Kovach
George and Mary Leuca
Lawrence B. Levey
Jason and Heather Lorenzon
Mr. and Mrs. William Lowery
Tina Magazine and David Seals
Kim McFarlane
Bill and Ginny Melver
Ed Metzger
John and Tina Mogen
Dr. Melodie Morgan-Minott
Roger and Martha Nelson
Patricia and Kenneth Nilsestuen
Earla Patterson
James and Marguerite Pearson
Kurt and Katie Reed
Charles and Pamela Reitz
Mrs. Lola Rothmann
Dr. Pamela Rupert
Edward Russell
Larry and Vicky Ryba Family Fund
Todd and Sally Schneider
Jeana Singleton
David and Marcy Supelak
J. Michael and Elizabeth Taipale
Aileen Thong
Donna Valentine
Donna Zabel


We strive to make this list as accurate as possible. If we erred in the way your name is listed, please contact the Development Office at 330.535.8131. Thank you for your support of our mission: to enhance the quality of life of our community through education and musical excellence.

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